Sthephen Curry

Sthephen Curry

Steph Curry getting ‘too old’ sparks insightful Moses Moody answer

Moody provides the thoughtful answer on whether Steph is ‘too old’ that originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay area

The surprises keep coming from Steph Curry — just ask his Warriors teammate Moses Moody.

Speaking with reporters after practice Wednesday, Moody had an insightful answer when asked if the 34-year-old Curry was getting “too old.”

“That’s one thing about Steph — coming here, as a young guy, you got to figure out what greatness looks like,” Moody said. “You see it on TV, you see how all that goes but you don’t really know.

“Really the way it kind of seems is you work hard right now so you’ll be good later and once you’re good later, you don’t have to work that hard and then it just comes naturally.”

Moody added that if young players continue to develop that mindset and then watch Curry’s work ethic, it will be “depressing.”

“There’s no light at the end of the tunnel,” Moody continued. “He’s working harder than the dudes that are just getting here, working harder than young players, and he’s the best player.”

From watching Curry, the 20-year-old Moody has developed a blueprint on how to become a great player.

“So just being able to come and see that, see that early so I know that it’s not going to get easier and knowing that’s the road you’ve got to take to be the best player you can be,” Moody concluded.

All the hard work Curry has put in over the years has not gone unnoticed. General managers around the NBA named Curry the “most clutch” player in the league and two-time league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo labeled the Warriors star the best player in the NBA.

Despite playing sporadically in his rookie year, Moody learned plenty from the Warriors star, including how to conduct himself on and off the court. Moody figures to play a bigger role in the 2022-23 NBA season with more minutes available.

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With coach Steve Kerr and the rest of the coaching staff helping Curry extend his prime years, Moody is sure to be in for more surprises.

Considering everything Curry has done so far in his career, it won’t be the last time he will be surprising those around the NBA.

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